Hand-Painted Grapefruit Macarons, ©2017 Crème Macarons

Hand-Painted Grapefruit Macarons, ©2017 Crème Macarons


About Crème Macarons

Creator/Chef, Kim Haines, started Crème Macarons in New York City in 2015. Upon moving back to Chicago in June 2016, Kim started to create, sell, and cater macarons for clients and events between NYC, Philadelphia, and Chicago areas. Crème Macarons produces customized macarons for all occasions. The idea of this website is to not only eventually ship customized signature macarons but to teach the home cook how to create and decorate french macarons.

Kim received her B.A. in business of the arts management with a focus in journalism in 2010 from Columbia College, Chicago. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, she went on to train in the culinary arts at Kendall College Chicago where she received her A.A.S. in Savory Culinary and Nutrition in 2015. Within this time, she studied at the University dei Sapori in Perugia, Italy, learning how to make authentic Italian pastas. Following graduation, she relocated to NYC where she completed an internship for the Food Network Kitchen. Soon after, she began freelancing for the Food Network Kitchen, working on shows as a food stylist and assistant culinary producer. In June 2016, she returned to Chicago to pursue and begin her career in macarons. 

Although Kim was classically trained in savory cuisine, she is self taught in making macarons. Her interest in macarons was prompted through her first bite of New Orlean's Sucre macarons. From there on, she spent the last few years developing her own recipe. 

Crème Macarons caters customized macarons to the public with this extension to teach everyone how to easily create the trending macarons.