How to make the Luminous Galaxy French Macaron

Level: Intermediate

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"Gargantuan", "out of this world", "to infinity and beyond"...yeah, we get it. The galaxy trend has made its way through hair, makeup, cakes and now to macarons. It is literally taking over Instagram. This was such a fun project, because i was able to use a collaboration of colors, glitters, and just a touch of hand-painting, which I welcome and love. 

Step 1: Choose your colors and divide the batter.

Step 1: Choose your colors and divide the batter.

The galaxy macaron can be made, really, with any color or colors you would like, using black as the foundation. I used a combination of pink, violet, black, and sky blue, all in a gel food coloring. Wilton and Americolor make the best food gel colorings and are all available on You can use anywhere from two to four colors, all of which should involve a black or a dark shade of navy blue as your base. In addition to, or instead of the colors I chose, you can also use black with navy blue, a vibrant red shade, turquoise, ect. Once you decide the number of colors you want to use, then divide your batter evenly to accommodate that number.

Step 2: Layer the batter in plastic wrap in loaf pan.

Here's the trick: Use a loaf pan lined with plastic wrap, so that the plastic wrap has excess hanging off each of the ends (you are going to roll the bag, and you do not want any batter spilling out, hence the excess plastic wrap). Using a spatula, layer each color on top of the other as evenly as possible. It looks a lot more complicated than it truly is. In fact, it is more of a time saver to do it this way than purchasing those duo or trio piping bags, and less expensive may I add. Once the batter is layered, fold the lengthy ends to seal and twist the shorter ends together tightly. Watch this video to learn the full effect:

Once the plastic wrap is securely sealed, you want to place one of the twisted ends in a prepared piping bag through the tip.

Step 3: Place plastic wrapped batter bag into piping bag with tip.

Cut the tip off and pipe your macarons to the desired size you choose (anywhere from 1-inch to 2-inch in size should suffice).

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Step 4: Garnish macarons with glitter (optional).

Before you bake off the macarons, you can sprinkle some edible silver glitter onto them to add a more galactic effect. This is entirely optional as you can leave them the way they are or paint them after they are baked. Allow macarons to set, bake, and then cool.

Step 5.1: Paint Splatter the macarons (optional).

There are two parts to the next step. These two parts are entirely optional, but, in my opinion, relevant. The first part is to use the paint splatter effect (as shown in my previous paint splatter blog) with a white airbrush food coloring or white gel food color mixed with a few drops of extract to splatter onto the macarons.

Step 5.2: Paint stars on the macarons.

The second part to this step is to paint stars on the shells using a fine paint brush with the white food coloring. I used this brush, which is a nail brush I purchased from a beauty supplies store. Genius, right? Once you have finished painting each shell, you can hit them with a touch more of edible silver glitter and allow them to dry.

Step 6: Fill macarons.

Well you know, by now, that I love color, so of course I was going to use this vibrant pink buttercream to fill the shells. I am sure you are wondering how I managed to achieve the streak effect of blue and purple in the pink buttercream. This is a little trick I like to call painting the piping bag. Use a paint brush to paint thin lines of your favorite colors on the inside of the bag, before you fill it with the buttercream. Incredible, right? 

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