How to Make the Melting Ice Cream Cone Macaron

Level: Intermediate

I recently found this trend in the form of a cake and have yet to see anyone convert it into a macaron. The melting ice cream cone cake trend is made up of vibrant contrasting colors with a chocolate ganache drip and sprinkles at the base of the cake. There are many parts to this project which creates a few more steps, but is really worth it!

Step 1: Fill macaron with chocolate ganache.

Cake makes me thing of chocolate so I chose to create a chocolate ganache to fill the macaron with. Use a combination of melted chocolate and or a 1/3 of heavy cream or milk. The ratio for ganache is usually 1:3 (1 being the chocolate and 3 being the liquid). You can also use chocolate hazelnut spread to fill the macaron with.

Step 2: Glue sprinkles onto side of macaron.

Wilton makes an edible adhesive that is perfect for lightweight sprinkles. I used a paint brush to spread the adhesive around the feet of the macaron on both top and the bottom shell.

Step 3: Roll macaron in confetti sprinkles.

Roll the macaron in confetti sprinkles to fully cover all the way around.

Step 4: Drizzle pink ganache over macaron.

Create another chocolate ganache with white chocolate and hot pink gel food coloring. Spread a little bit of ganache, at a time, on the top and allow to drizzle down the side. I used a glass upside down to prop my macaron on to get the full drizzle effect.

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I put some extra pink chocolate ganache in a piping bag to pipe extra drips.

Step 5: Place fondant cherry on top of pink ganache.

Using fondant, create the ice cream by rolling it to a ball and firmly pressing it against a surface so it sits flat against the top of the macaron. Carefully adhere it to the chocolate ganache.

Step 6: Drizzle pink ganache over fondant cherry.

Drizzle more pink chocolate ganache over the top of the fondant ball to color.

Step 7: Add sprinkles.

Add sprinkles over the top of fondant ball and over the ganache.

Step 8: Adhere cone to fondant cherry.

I cut off the tip of a sugar cone (you can also use the tip of a waffle cone). Then, I dipped the opening into chocolate ganache and rolled it into sprinkles. You can adhere the cone with royal icing, chocolate ganache, or the left over pink ganache. Each one of these techniques work well. Place macaron in the refrigerator to set.

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