How to Make the Imaginative Troll Doll French Macaron

Level: Easy

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These good luck suckers trended through the 1960s, became a brief fad again in the 1970s and again in the 1990s (when I grew up). They have transitioned from then to now with a completely different unrecognizable makeover, modernizing the name to 'Trollz'. But, one thing is for sure, they will always be identifiable through their uncombed hair and sparkly jewels. The troll trend has also come through to hairstyles, as well, in the last few years as many people have been coloring their hair with pastels (believe it or not). And, today, the trend is going to come again through the french macaron.

Step 1: Make French Macarons.

Make your french macarons using a combination of ivory gel food coloring with just a touch of peach gel food coloring. Bake the shells and allow them to cool. I also made a simple buttercream using the same combination of food coloring.

Step 2: Bedazzle the macarons.

I purchased these edible jewels in a larger size on amazon. They come in multiple/assorted colors and are perfect for this project. Purchase here:

I used tweezers and royal icing to place each jewel in the center of one side of the macaron. The side of the jewel that is pointy is the side that should carefully go into the center of the macaron shell. Insert carefully so you do not crack the shell.

Step 3: Adhere troll hair to macaron.

Using royal icing, paste troll hair on to one side of the macaron. I used different colors and flavors of cotton candy to create the fun uncombed hair look. Troll dolls usually matched their hair color with their jewel color. 

©2017 Creme Macarons

Royal icing works best in this case, because it does not melt the cotton candy. The slightest bit of wet liquid will deplete the volume. I, also, used a small pairing knife to fit the hair properly to the top of the macaron shell.

Step 4: Fill shells with buttercream.

This step can be accomplished before the jewel is placed on the macaron or after with the addition of the cotton candy hair. This can be your preference. Place macarons in the refrigerator to set. However, this is a macaron I would consume quickly, because moisture can destroy cotton candy, Voila, easy peasy!

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