How to make the burger macaron

Level: Easy

Yes, it's ok to freak out, these are borderline amazing. Doesn't it bring you back to your Playskool kitchen playing days with the 1990's McDonald's Happy Meal Hamburger making set? You know you had one of those, or at least one of your friends did. These are, by far, one of the simplest macarons to make, but do not look simple at all! 

Step 1: Make Macarons.

For this batter, I used just a touch of ivory gel food coloring. Once the macarons were piped, I used sesame seeds to sprinkle over the tops while the batter was still wet. Allow macarons to set, bake, and cool completely.

Step 2: Fill macarons.

Once the shells have cooled completely, fill your macarons. I used a combination of semisweet chocolate chips and heavy cream to create a ganache. The perfect ratio for a ganache is 3:1. "3" being the chocolate measurement and "1" being the liquid measurement. You can either use heavy cream or milk. Place 1 cup of semisweet chocolate chips into a bowl. In a separate bowl, heat 1/3 cup of either milk or heavy cream in the microwave for 30 seconds. You do this so not to burn the chocolate and also to slowly add the liquid, without adding to much at a time. This will help you reach your desired consistency and thickness of the ganache. Allow ganache to cool completely (it thickens as it cools) and then pipe it onto bottom shell of your hamburger macaron.

Step 3: Layer macaron with "cheese" slice.

I added a few drops of lemon yellow gel food coloring to white fondant and then rolled it out thinly with a rolling pin and a bit of confectioners' sugar. Confectioners' sugar is going to act as flour normally would to prevent product from sticking to the rolling pin. Excess confectioners' sugar is easy to brush off the fondant. Then, I place a macaron shell on top to measure and cut out squares for cheese. Place the fondant cheese slice on top of chocolate ganache.

Step 4: Pipe condiments onto cheese slice.

I used red royal icing to emulate ketchup and then piped it like so over the cheese slice. I, also, used green royal icing to pipe circles, to emulate pickles, on the sides of the cheese.

©2017 Creme Macarons

Step 5: Layer with "lettuce."

To create the lettuce slice, I used a combination of lemon yellow gel food coloring and green food coloring to produce this shade of green. Roll fondant into dime-size balls and roll them out thinly with a rolling pin. I used my fingers to pinch the edges to create the look of lettuce. I placed the lettuce on top of the royal icing condiments before they dried completely.

Step 6: Layer with "red onions."

Red or purple, it is still considered a red onion. I used purple food coloring with white fondant to create this look. Only, you do not want to mix the purple into the white fondant completely, you want to have the purple swirled into the white to make it look like a realistic onion. Roll into two pin-sized balls. Proceed to roll balls out thinly with rolling pin. Use royal icing to adhere each slice of the onion to the lettuce.

Step 7: Cover macaron with top shell.

Cover the lettuce with royal icing to adhere the top macaron shell. Does this make you hungry for burgers or for something sweet?

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