How to make the Fish Bowl Macaron

Level: Intermediate

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I remember when I first noticed the fish bowl cocktail a few years back popping up in bars everywhere. The fish bowl cocktail is a lively blue tropical punch (with alcohol), lemons, limes, Nerds candy and Swedish fish. Add a bunch of straws and you have yourself a cesspool of fun...or bacteria.

I wanted to turn this into a french macaron, minus the alcohol (sorry). Nerd candy was a definite keeper as it totally emulates the gravel of a fish bowl. And, the Pixar movie 'Finding Dory' just made its debut this past summer, so I was lucky to find these fish sprinkles on I would have loved to use Swedish fish, but they were obviously too big.

Step 1: Make Macaron.

To make the batter, you are going to divide it in half. To one half you are going to color it very lightly with an aqua gel food coloring (about 1 drop). To the other half of the batter, you are going to color it many shades darker with that same aqua gel food coloring (about 3 to 4 drops). To create the dual color effect seen above, I placed the batter in the piping bag using a specific technique as seen in my previous galaxy macaron blog demonstrated in step 2 and 3 of this blog:

The only difference in the fish bowl macaron is that you are going to use only two colors as oppose to four colors, used in the galaxy macaron. Pipe, set, bake, and, of course, allow your macarons to cool completely.

Step 2: Brush the bottom of macaron with edible glue.

Wilton makes an edible adhesive (also found on that is great for glueing things to the macaron without leaving any visible residue. I used a paint brush and globs of the adhesive to make sure the Nerd candy would stick to the bottom third of the macaron shell. You are going to only do this to one side of your macaron sandwich. 

Step 3: Place Nerd candy on top of edible adhesive.

I used strawberry Nerd candy as my gravel. As you can see, I also had the option of grape Nerd Candy or of combining the two together. You can choose any color that you would prefer, it does not have to be either one of these. I used tweezers to put the Nerd candy exactly where I wanted them to lay. If the candy is not sticking, add more edible adhesive.

Step 4: Make candy seaweed.

I used a combination of white fondant and green food coloring to create the seaweed. Then, I rolled it out thinly and folded it to resemble flowing seaweed. Fondant is such an amazing product to have when making pastries. I , honestly, expected it to taste awful, but it's not bad at all. It takes a little bit of practice to use, but once you have mastered it, it is fantastic! It brings me back to Play-Doh years. It starts out soft, but when it is left out exposed to the air, it can set and dry out. I used royal icing to glue the seaweed to the macaron.

Step 5: Add fish.

These sprinkles could not have been more on point. They are the perfect size and they look realistic. I really lucked out finding these. I used royal icing to adhere them to the macaron, as well. Purchase fish sprinkles here:

Step 6: Fill Macarons.

I used a combination of royal icing and blue food coloring for the filling for the macaron. I preferred the appearance and texture of the royal icing than a preserve or a buttercream. Place the top shell on the macaron and place immediately in the refrigerator to set.

©2017 Creme Macarons

©2017 Creme Macarons