How to Make the Pizza Macaron

Level: Intermediate

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A sweet take on bagel bites, if you will, this macaron cross utilizes ingredients you may would have otherwise thrown out. No, they are not pizza flavored, but you can really make these into any flavor that you'd prefer.

Step 1: Make Macarons.

This is part of the reason that these macarons are a little bit more advanced to make. You are going to divide your batter into half. When making macarons it is best to have a scale on hand that measures in ounces and grams. Because macarons are a European derived pastry, grams are the more common measurement used. You can find a kitchen scale at a baking supplies store or You are going to use a combination of ivory gel food coloring and lemon yellow gel food coloring to create the color of the crust. To the other half, I used a combination of red red gel food coloring and orange gel food coloring to create the color of the tomato sauce. Each half of the batter will go in its own piping bag. Now, this takes practice as you are going to pipe a small circle of the crust, followed by a circle of red inside of the crust circle. If this sounds all too challenging for you (and that's ok) just make the entire macaron the crust colored, without even dividing the batter into half; no big deal. Allow macarons to set, bake, and cool.

Step 2: Pipe macarons with royal icing.

Create a royal icing with confectioners' sugar, pasteurized egg whites, and red food coloring. Use this royal icing to create somewhat of a basketweave design on top of the red part of the macaron. This will enhance the pizza sauce part and will adhere your "cheese" to the macaron.

Step 3: Sprinkle "cheese" onto macarons.

I used left over fondant crumbs to create the cheese. I used a combination of brown, red, yellow, white, and orange fondant crumbs to make the cheese look more realistic. If you do not have left over fondant crumbs, I would recommend making a small ball of each color and allowing it to dry out a bit at room temperature. Then you can use a cheese grater to grate the crumbs. This works just as well. Sprinkle the fondant crumbs over the piped royal icing immediately as you pipe, because the royal icing dries quickly. Press the cheese down into the royal icing so it sticks.

Tip: Instead of going out and purchasing a ton of different colored fondants, you can use white fondant with the combination of food coloring to color your fondants. I would definitely use latex gloves to protect your skin from the food coloring.

Step 4: Place fondant pepperonis on macaron.

I created tiny pepperonis out of red fondant and used the royal icing to adhere them to the cheese. Press down the pepperonis, gently, into the cheese so they stick.

Step 5: Add more "sauce" to the top of the macaron.

Use the red royal icing to line the cheese with uneven edges. This makes the pizza look even more realistic.

Step 6: Fill macarons.

One of my French chefs might scream if he heard that I filled my macarons with royal icing, but it looks and tastes just as good as any other filling. I like the look of the royal icing, because it gives it a more gel-like look rather than buttercream would. Once filled, sandwich the shells together and place in the refrigerator immediately to set. Royal icing tends to make the shells slide a bit so it needs to be set quickly.

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Now it's a pizza party!

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